Episode 112

Toy Story 2

Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln! Toy Story 2 has a story to tell!

Yes, it's the first Pixar sequel, momentous in its own right, but it started off as a Disney direct-to-video sequel, with a character called Senorita Cactus and a talking Bullseye, voiced by Martin Short....

Then it became a theatrical release!

Then it got deleted accidentally!

Then it got deleted on purpose!

Then it got remade in nine months!

Just one of these facts would be a miracle. Toy Story 2 has four. Pixar went above and beyond to ensure Toy Story 2 didn't just match Toy Story; that it surpassed it visually and emotionally, and introduced new characters without sacrificing the arcs of existing characters. Truly, Jessie and Bullseye feel like they've always been in Andy's room.

Toy Story 2 could have easily been just a direct-to-video cash grab, but making it a theatrical release was the thing that brought in the big buck-buck-bucks, and cemented it as Pixar's greatest franchise.

The article on the Pixar blooper reels can be found here

I would love to hear your thoughts on Toy Story 2! The previous episode on Toy Story can be found at https://www.verbaldiorama.com/episode/toy-story



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