Episode 50

Toy Story

Published on: 9th July, 2020

Here we are.... 50 episodes later! It's been a genuine delight to produce fifty episodes of this podcast and I wanted to do something special for #50.

There's no animated movie so ingrained in modern culture, so beloved by everyone and such a pioneer in modern animation than Pixar's Toy Story. But I didn't just want to tell the story of Toy Story, because the story of Pixar is integral to the story of Toy Story.

Pixar knew they wanted to make the first feature-length fully computer animated film. They knew they could do it. They just had to figure out how....

The whole creation of Toy Story was fraught with issues. It's remarkable it ever made it to the screen at all.

But it did, and look what it did.....

The early test animation for Toy Story, featuring a completely different character of Woody, can be found here

The Toy Story full length live-action remake can be found here

Whether this is your first episode listening or your 50th episode.... thanks for being here. I've really appreciated your support. Here's to the next 50 episodes (or infinity!) and beyond....!

I would love to hear your thoughts on Toy Story!


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