Episode 136

The Prince of Egypt

Meant to be the first animated DreamWorks movie (it wasn't, thanks to DreamWorks bringing the release date of Antz forward to annoy Disney), The Prince of Egypt takes a well-known Biblical tale (the basis of three of the biggest religions in the world; Christianity, Islam and Judaism) and grounds it in humanity and empathy, by making it a simple tale of two brothers; one who's destined to be Pharaoh, and the other a former Hebrew slave.

A sprinkling of artistic licence gives the story of Exodus way more depth and meaning, to a story that already has plenty. This is a movie that deals with slavery, infanticide, plagues and the wrath of God, and yet it's still suitable for the whole family.

The Prince of Egypt never sugar coats its serious undertones, either. What it does do, is tell a story that is the cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide, in a 2D hand drawn animated format that is accessible, beautiful and complemented by CG. That's the power of animation, right there.

The Historical Accuracy of The Prince of Egypt - dailyhistory.org

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