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Episode 109

Pan's Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno)

Most of us grew up on adaptations of fairy tales; on stories of princesses, animal companions, and ultimately a happily ever after ending.

Guillermo del Toro successfully interprets and deconstructs the fairy tale in his 2006 masterpiece Pan's Labyrinth, by blending a nightmarish fantasy world of fauns, fairies and quests, with a similarly nightmarish real world of war, fascist regimes and evil stepparents with beautiful practical effects and make-up.

Disobedience is often seen as "wrong", but in this story, disobedience is framed as the right thing to do. Ofelia disobeys and follows her own gut and suffers the consequences. Mercedes and Doctor Ferriero disobey Captain Vidal to help the rebel fighters. Ofelia's disobedience and choices shape the morals of this story - that evil is bad, innocence is good and that faun's are never completely trustworthy.

Everything about this beautiful, dark, twisted fairy-tale is perfectly realised on screen. I truly believe this is del Toro's magnum opus, and a movie everyone needs on their to-watch list.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Pan's Labyrinth!



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