Episode 69

Atomic Blonde

Published on: 19th November, 2020

The Atomic Blonde and John Wick comparisons are not lost on me, and trust me when I say that I love Atomic Blonde to a similar, but very different degree to the John Wick(s). Because while both use colour very dramatically, and thrive on that ultra stylized violence I clearly have a passion for, while John Wick is all about vengeance, Lorraine Broughton is all about espionage, and Charlize Theron remains one of the most brilliant and bold actors working in Hollywood.

Often criticised for having style over substance, and I understand why, but when it's this stylish.... I have zero complaints. The stunts are perfection (mostly performed by Charlize herself) and the music, while mainly from the early 80s, takes this very real depressing end of the Cold War setting and makes it pop with neon funk. James McAvoy is also great. No one says an f-bomb like he does.

Atomic Blonde won't please everyone, but it pleases me. A lot. Now give me that John Wick/Atomic Blonde crossover!

I would love to hear your thoughts on Atomic Blonde!


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