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Episode 125

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (ft Nick from Nikoli's Kitchen)

Published on: 18th November, 2021

Featuring five-time award winning podcaster Nicholas Haskins..... and Tits McGee.

Actually, it's me, Em, Tits McGee is on vacation. Joining me is the Ron Burgundy of podcasting. A man who has many leather bound books and whose apartment smells of rich mahogany, a man who can play jazz flute like no other - Nicholas Haskins of the podcast Nikoli's Kitchen.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, if not a movie everyone's seen, is definitely a movie everyone has quoted. The lexicon of Anchorman still holds true, but not many people know that Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone were loosely based on real news anchors: Mort Crim and Jessica Savitch. Savitch in particular was a trailblazer for women in news, starting as a diversity hire and becoming the station's first female reporter and one of the first women to anchor an evening network news broadcast.

Sixty percent of the time, it’s a movie that works every time, because while the zeitgeist surrounding the movie still holds up, the movie itself (especially in the light of modern sensibilities and the #MeToo Movement) really kinda doesn't. This is despite the fact it was a radical re-think behind scripted comedy, and really one of the first of the 2000s era improvised Judd Apatow bromantic comedies.

Verbal Diorama, in German though, does actually mean "whale's vagina".

Joining me to discuss Anchorman is Nick Haskins, host of the podcast Nikoli's Kitchen and creator of Livestream for the Cure. He's the best of men and I'm delighted that he not only joined me for this episode, but he will be returning in future, too. You can follow his soothing honey vocals at @NikolisKitchen on Twitter, and listen out for me kicking off Season 3 of Nikoli's Kitchen very soon!

I would love to hear your thoughts on Anchorman!



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